Thursday, September 4, 2008

Four great breakfasts in a row! (But here's just one!)

This past weekend (Tuesdays count as a weekend when they follow a Monday off, right?) I had four extremely tasty blog-worthy breakfasts in a row. The first two will only be mentioned in passing, because I've already blogged about them (see Ruth's Diner and Eggs in the City).

Monday, I made Carly get up and go run errands with me, even though it was her sleep-in-do-laundry-study-hard day. Our first stop was going to be at this place about which I've read rave reviews, but alas, it was closed. On our way to SouthTowne Mall to return some items I didn't want to return at my regular store, we drove to this place I used to work by. I'd never heard anything about this place, but had driven past/seen it a zillion times. This place is "Britton's" Every time I've seen it I've thought, "You sound like you're from lay-uhn!!!" It was completely packed (at 1 in the afternoon), completely freezing, and there was a perfect mix of patronage (from old couples to families, to kids in their 20's who had huge dreadlocks).
694 Union Square
Sandy, UT

Now normally I won't blog about any lunch items ordered by my cohorts, but Carly excepted my rule. She ordered a burger but replaced the fries with hashbrowns with cheese.

Since she ordered her burger with American, they just threw two slabs of American on her hashbrowns and called it good. I just laughed. The burger had raw-ish garlic (which she loved and I didn't), but she totally dug on the hashbrowns.
After much deliberation, I went with the cordon bleu omelet. This proved to be wise. I also ordered cheese on my hash browns (they put cheddar on mine - Well played, Britton. Well played.)

It was gooey, it was delicious, and I will be coming back here.

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