Thursday, April 7, 2011


So a lot has happened in the past couple years. I'd like to blame my lack of blogging on that, but I like to own my weaknesses. Let's face it. I'm still a bad blogger. I've kept telling my friends for the past 3 years that I'm going to start my blog again, and I keep lying to them (not that I mean just happens).

Today I got a phone call from Casey
(one of the things that's happened to me in the past couple years. Casey is my husband. My main squeeze. He's cute. He's cuddly. I think I'll keep him.) telling me that Radio From Hell (the only radio show that I care about listening to) was broadcasting at this divey little restaurant down the street from my house. So I waited for Elliott
(one of the other things that's happened to me in the past couple years. Also cute. Also cuddly. Way needier than his dad.) to wake up from his mid-morning nap so I could head down there.

This place is delicious. It's called Sill's. Casey introduced me to it when we were dating. It's been around forever but when they revamped I-15 Sill's had to relocate, which they did in an old dine-in Pizza Hut.

I ordered the ham and eggs breakfast. Did I want to substitute a scone for my toast? Yes, please.

As a side note, sometimes Cassidy

(one of the four other things that's happened to me - I have 4 step kids who live with us. Cassidy is 11. And awesome.) wants scones for dinner so I'll drive to Sill's and grab scones for the family. A word to the wise, paying $10 for scones to feed the family is so worth not having to clean the kitchen after frying things with an 11 year old.

Back to the breakfast. Eggs: meh. Hash browns: really good. Ham: after a little dab of the napkin, delectable. Scone: Huge and tasty. All around, worth the money. Don't go out of your way to go to Sill's, but if you're in the area, totally go.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Breakfast Pie at Left Fork Grill...

Left Fork Grill, 68 W. 3500 S., Salt Lake City, UT

Since it was closed on Monday, Susan and I decided to go here on Tuesday. I've read about this place like a million times (on UrbanSpoon when I lock in "breakfast" it brings it up every time). It used to be called Kramer's Diner, and I went there once back then but wasn't overly impressed. When we arrived, the first thing Susan noticed were the (homemade-looking) pies cooling on the countertop. She asked our server if the pies were made fresh daily and indeed they were. Our server was very friendly, very chatty, and raved about the food with conviction that was undeniably sincere.
We looked over the menu and decided on our picks: Susan ordered the biscuits and gravy with eggs and homemade sausage.

Susan loved it. I tried and also was impressed. The gravy had a hint of tanginess in the background - we think it was made with buttermilk. So good.
I've been addicted to eggs benedict lately (not even kidding, I eat it like once a week and have for probably 3 months now...), so that seemed like the natural choice for me. Of course, I got cheese on my hashbrowns, because that's what I do.

This was the first time I'd been asked how I wanted my eggs poached. As someone who is anti under-poached eggs, I jumped at the chance to tell her I wanted just a little bit of runny yolk. Everything was perfectly cooked and totally tasty.
Towards the end of our meal, Susan decided she wanted a piece of blueberry pie. Did she want it heated? Yes. With a scoop of vanilla? (Smile-frown, nod).

I don't consider myself much of a pie person (I actually consider myself NOT a pie person), but even at 2-days old, this pie would convert me to pie-loving.
All in all, this is a great value for the money. The staff made us feel like part of the fam, the food was fantastic and all home-made, and the atmosphere was fun. This may become my new pre-work breakfast destination (if I can manage to get up on time!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Four great breakfasts in a row! (But here's just one!)

This past weekend (Tuesdays count as a weekend when they follow a Monday off, right?) I had four extremely tasty blog-worthy breakfasts in a row. The first two will only be mentioned in passing, because I've already blogged about them (see Ruth's Diner and Eggs in the City).

Monday, I made Carly get up and go run errands with me, even though it was her sleep-in-do-laundry-study-hard day. Our first stop was going to be at this place about which I've read rave reviews, but alas, it was closed. On our way to SouthTowne Mall to return some items I didn't want to return at my regular store, we drove to this place I used to work by. I'd never heard anything about this place, but had driven past/seen it a zillion times. This place is "Britton's" Every time I've seen it I've thought, "You sound like you're from lay-uhn!!!" It was completely packed (at 1 in the afternoon), completely freezing, and there was a perfect mix of patronage (from old couples to families, to kids in their 20's who had huge dreadlocks).
694 Union Square
Sandy, UT

Now normally I won't blog about any lunch items ordered by my cohorts, but Carly excepted my rule. She ordered a burger but replaced the fries with hashbrowns with cheese.

Since she ordered her burger with American, they just threw two slabs of American on her hashbrowns and called it good. I just laughed. The burger had raw-ish garlic (which she loved and I didn't), but she totally dug on the hashbrowns.
After much deliberation, I went with the cordon bleu omelet. This proved to be wise. I also ordered cheese on my hash browns (they put cheddar on mine - Well played, Britton. Well played.)

It was gooey, it was delicious, and I will be coming back here.

Bad, bad blogger

I feel like I should be wearing a crimson-colored "B" on my chest for claiming to be a breakfast junkie and, having taken on the endeavor of documenting my finds on the blogosphere, being so utterly neglectful. I'm an excuse-hater, but my explanation for being so neglectful is this: I've been neglecting weekend breakfasts altogether, have been feasting at places I've blogged before, and have been frequenting "The Original Pancake House", which is against my blogging criteria (it being a national chain and all). So here's the deal...I'm making only one promise from here on out, and here it is: I blog only when I have material about which to blog.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Catching up...

I have to apologize for being a neglectful blogger. I'd say I have just been really, really busy for the past few months, but I'd be lying. Here's the sitch...Danny and I have been out to breakfast almost every weekend to a new place and I've just gotten lazy. So here's a quick update and a vow that I'll be much better from this point on. :)
"The Other Place" Greek diner...469 E. Broadway, SLC.

I got the French Toast combo. It came with a huge amount of food, but when I ask for my eggs scrambled with cheese I assume I'm not going to get an egg patty with a Kraft single on top.

Danny got some sort of omelette...nothing to write home about. Basically the most memorable part of the meal was how badly the waitresses were dressed and their crazy sneakers with springs on the back. We will not be doing breakfast here again.

Next..."Eggs in the City". 1675 E. 1300 S., SLC This little gem is tucked away in Sugarhouse and we go here a lot. Hillary Clinton has terrible man hair. ( won for a second there). Here are just a few examples of what to get. Sidenote: you can substitute French Toast as your side for pretty much anything you order. A word to the it.

Breakfast Burrito smothered in chile verde (really, can anything smothered in chile verde be a bad thing?)

Example of a "side" of french toast in the stead of home fries...

Another smothered burrito...

Biscuits and gravy - Danny's only complaint is that they give you too *much* gravy.

Citris Grill - 219 E. 12300 S., Draper. Very minimalistic in decor, which is nice, but it also means it's not very comfortable and is very cold (bring a sweater). The menu is full of creative twists on traditional breakfasts and is well worth the price of admission.

Danny got the crunchy almond french toast which is stuffed with sweetened cream cheese, along with a side of sausage that I'm pretty sure is home made.

I got the French Toast Foster and a side of hash browns. I was not disappointed.

Finn's Scandinavian Restaurant - 1624 S. 1100 E., SLC. This one is easy to miss if you don't keep your eyes peeled.

Pants got the bacon and eggs breakfast. It was back in October, so I don't remember details but she really liked it.

Danny and I both got the special of the day which was the mashed potato omelette. It had bacon and havarti cheese in it and even months later it's a meal to remember.

Market Street Grill - 2985 E. Cottonwood parkway, SLC

We both got the eggs benedict and got out of there for less than $13 combined (with drinks). They give you free orange rolls. Go. You won't regret it.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Over the Counter

Over the Counter Cafe
2343 E. 3300 S., Salt Lake City

Danny got the Ham and Cheese Omelet with a short stack of pancakes. The short stack was a stack pancakes that were almost as big as the dinner-sized plate they came on. He ended up giving birth to a food baby later that day but said it was worth it.

I got the French Toast Special with scrambled eggs with cheese and crispy bacon. The bacon kind of grossed me out because it was *really* greasy, but the eggs were perfectly cooked and the french toast was cinnamony and so good.

Little bit of a wait, self-seating (you have to hover for a table or fight tooth and nail for it), but with pretty much everything priced under $6, it's totally an underdiscovered treasure.

Blue Plate Diner

Blue Plate Diner
2041 S. 2100 E., Salt Lake City

Devin and Danny both got the Salmon Benedict. It was cheap - it was tasty.

I got the diced ham and eggs with havarti. Pretty much put havarti on anything and I'd eat it. Melty and delicious.

Cam got the Greek Omelet and was disappointed with the ratio of spinach to omelet. He ended up wishing that he would have not pretended to be healthy and just gotten something that tastes good.

Great atmosphere, crowded on the weekends but well worth the wait, and everything is under $10. GO!