Sunday, December 16, 2007

Over the Counter

Over the Counter Cafe
2343 E. 3300 S., Salt Lake City

Danny got the Ham and Cheese Omelet with a short stack of pancakes. The short stack was a stack pancakes that were almost as big as the dinner-sized plate they came on. He ended up giving birth to a food baby later that day but said it was worth it.

I got the French Toast Special with scrambled eggs with cheese and crispy bacon. The bacon kind of grossed me out because it was *really* greasy, but the eggs were perfectly cooked and the french toast was cinnamony and so good.

Little bit of a wait, self-seating (you have to hover for a table or fight tooth and nail for it), but with pretty much everything priced under $6, it's totally an underdiscovered treasure.

Blue Plate Diner

Blue Plate Diner
2041 S. 2100 E., Salt Lake City

Devin and Danny both got the Salmon Benedict. It was cheap - it was tasty.

I got the diced ham and eggs with havarti. Pretty much put havarti on anything and I'd eat it. Melty and delicious.

Cam got the Greek Omelet and was disappointed with the ratio of spinach to omelet. He ended up wishing that he would have not pretended to be healthy and just gotten something that tastes good.

Great atmosphere, crowded on the weekends but well worth the wait, and everything is under $10. GO!