Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ruth's Diner

2100 South Emigration Canyon, SLC
Danny and I both slept like crap last night and decided at 8am to go up the canyon for delicious breakfast. We had to wait about 15 minute for a lovely outside table and it was well worth the wait. "Mile high biscuits" came out before we even ordered.

What I got: Chicken fried steak, Scrambled eggs with cheese, and hash browns.
Cost: $8.95
The chicken fried steak was melt-in-my-mouth good and I didn't really waste my time on anything else.

What Danny got: The cheese omelet with hash browns and an order of french toast.
Cost: Omelet - $5.50, french toast - $4.95
What he said: "This food is so good it's perverse."
All in all, there was so much tasty food for the money - neither of us came close to finishing. That's what she said.

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Ben said...

Some day I'm going to make it to Ruth's.